I have created this site to be a support those with ALS and their familes, contributing a portion of my profit to ALS organizations locally and to those with special needs.
I do not have ALS but I have a passion to be a vessel to
help those who do through those I know who have ALS and those who work with those with ALS and their families.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Products Moved

I am praying all of you have the very best and most blessed Christmas.
I have currently moved all the products to http://www.countrywhispers.org if you'd like to check out our growing assortment of items for home, hearth, bath & body care and more.

I'm working to fine tune all things and as slow as the process is, I hope it will be helpful to all of you.
Merry Chrismtas to you and all rich blessings of Christ.


Sharing Walking Through the Valley

Merry Christmas And A Special Treat!

Read Stephanie's blog and her walk with God through life as a wife and caregiver to her husband with ALS.
Be inspired, subscribe to her blog and lift prayers for her, her husband, and her family.

Stephanie is more amazing than she maybe knows. She inspires and lends hope to those with ALS and those who are caregivers and family.

Thank you, Stephanie!
Be blessed beyond measure this Christmas season.

My apologies that I haven’t written much this month. It’s been a big month.
Take an already crazy life and add in a Christmas to do list and you end up with, well a completely crazy life.
I am exhausted but blessed.
My first year pulling Christmas off *almost* alone. I have all of the wrapping done, and just a few last minute gifts to pull together.
The house didn’t get decorated (or cleaned!) quite as much as I wanted it too.  Lots of things got pushed aside, but lots of things have been accomplished too. Reading, crafting, creating, and running around a bit more than I’d like.
It’s been a blessed month and next week is the big day!
I plan on taking a break through the rest of 2012 and I’ll be back to writing again in the New Year.
And here is the special treat: a video of my middle daughter singing Oh Holy Night at her recital this week. She did a beautiful job (and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom! ) I need to work on my videography skills. Ahem.
Enjoy and have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Lindsey does an awesome job of singing this beautiful song.
Thanks Lindsey and Stephanie for sharing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Touched Deeply:Stephanie Glidden:Natalie Fognani

I was checking a response to a post on Inspire.com tonight.
Last night I had responded to a couple women who had stated they seldom see blogs on ALS .
I shared the site on facebook and this blog.
The response tonight included many links I will spend a lot of time viewing the blogs and definitely will share them.

I am still just touching the iceberg with Stephanie Glidden's blog: http://walkingthroughthevalley.com/category/living-with-terminal-illness/

I had a little trouble finding the continuation of the story on the front page but dug around in the archives to the above page.
Stephanie trusts God in ways that I can learn from and shows where I leave way too much room for me.

I don't live with ALS in the sense of having it physically or being a caregiver. Rather I live with ALS because it's a passion God has so deeply put in my heart using my dear friend, Dwayne who is a caregiver for ALS patients and just lost his friend, Danny to ALS not so long ago as well as other losses.
The more I learn, my passion grows and at times I feel heavy with grief  I seem to feel it with many experiencing it.

Then there are other times I soar with many of you because you hold out hope in the midst of hopelessness and don't stop hoping.
I fall so short of how your living life in the midst of loss and frustrations.

I am painfully aware as many of you are, that there is this, that and the other for cancer awareness and cure, liver transplants, diabetes awareness and cures. The list goes on and on.

I rejoice that so many are continually stepping up to the plate where no cures seem in site and answers so uncertain for ALS. Yet more lives are wasting away and lost while we go forward.

I will leave you this and hope to spend more time with Stephanie's blog before I can even go on with the next. It's a wealth of hope, and her walk through it all.

I am going to quote Stephanie here and post the video to watch. When you are done, please go explore and read Stephanie's blog, please!

In 2011, a poem written by a Colorado woman named Natalie Fognani  was turned into a song by musician Lucas Hoge. The song is called “How Was I To Know?” When Natalie wrote it, she could no longer walk, talk, or move her arms and hands. Folks, she wrote the song with her toe (a hot pink painted one at that, love it!) Natalie was trapped inside a body that didn’t work any more because of ALS. Her dream was to have her poem made into a song, which thanks to a group of special people, she was able to see her dream come true before she passed away a few months later.
For a woman who was weak and frail, she has a message that is strong and true. It’s a message we can’t afford to miss.
I read an interview that was done with Natalie. This is what she said:
“It occurred to me that most people take it for granted that they can talk and hug and kiss. I had taken all those things for granted. How was I to know I’d be in this condition? I looked forward to retirement, a next vacation. I took my good health for granted, friendships and relationships. I didn’t thank God enough for the blessings in my life”

The Little Big Things

It’s hard not to take the everyday things for granted.  But I hope Natalie’s song will cause you to slow down. To focus on the little things in life today. To appreciate your Monday, and every other day of the week you can hug your kids, kiss your husband or walk to the mailbox. It’s the little things, but they really are the big things after all, aren’t they?
Here is the video that was made for the song.It starts out with how the song was made, and then the musician meets Natalie and performs for her.  I’ll just warn you ahead of time: Get your tissues.

Greetings From the Heat Wave of the Midwest

 It's been a challenging and busy month or two for me with lots of web work to do. 
Finally I am coming up for air.

I hope all of you are doing well.

I am still hopeful some of you would like to write a post about your story, experience, etc that I may share here on the blog as a guest post. Pictures, links, etc are welcome in your post. Write it and email it to me. I can assist you if you'd like.
If you email it to me,  When it's approved, I will notifiy you when it's posted. Normally posts within the same day. It also publishes to our facebook page and twitter.
Thank you, Shoshanna, for allowing me to share your poems and writings. I am looking forward to sharing more soon.

Please remember to visit our facebook page and share your experience and anything your inclined to share.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time is never enough it seems

Times like today, I struggle with not enough time to do all that I want to do in being a servant and help for others.
The day flew by, schooling was a bit hampered today by some unplanned events and all in all, I must be thankful for what I am empowered to do. 
I realize I am a human being not a human doing and there is One greater than me and all those with ALS or supporting those with ALS carries us moment by moment. 
I must not forget to be thankful!
I am so inspired and pushed forward by those who in the midst of more than I can imagine overcoming, do so..moment by moment, day by day.

Another day comes to a close and tomorrow I will rise and do my best again.

Good nite until next time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking for Helpful Info

Good evening,

At times I get spread kind of thin with homeschooling and at times not always feeling so on top the world myself yet my heart comes back to looking for more information and help for those with ALS,

I noticed St Louis Regional Area realizes how unique individuals with ALS are, as well as their family and caregivers. They offer counseling to all and am really touched they make a point to include helping the children.

Our military, currently serving or veteran, are very dear to me.
I had no idea and don't understand yet why those who have served, it is stated, are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ALS. There seems to be a major connection and I am so thankful for those advocating for those with ALS and those who are in addition, veterans are military involved.
If anyone has any information on this, I'd be grateful.
Until next time..Praying for answers to alleviate and cure ALS!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New

Happy New Year to all of you! May this be the beginning of the best.
I count all my blessings and take joy in what I have from God.